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Why You Need SEO Services In Palm Beach

SEO is nothing like it was. Artificial intelligence has taken over the tasks of evaluating what sites say. This means that site ranking gets evaluating faster and more often than ever before. All businesses and especially small businesses need SEO services in Palm Beach.

The advantages of hiring SEO services in Palm Beach are many. You pay for what you want and need. You get the expertise without having to hire personnel. Your marketing strategy, internet sites, and social media campaigns all fit together.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need SEO services in Palm Beach.


Google searches are the most used search engine. Google has the money to put into an extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence apparatus. The business that does not obey Google’s dictates will never get close to the top of search results.

Top Three

Seventy percent of all searches are done with phones. Only three results are displayed per page. This makes SEO more important than ever. The idea is that your web page must be phone friendly or you will miss out on new clients.

Using Rank Brain

Rank Brain is the part of Google that creates a page on your sites rank. It does this by examining each word on the page. Rank Brain will kill your page if you overuse keywords. One bad page can make the site get demoted.

The methods to defeat Rank Brain are using synonyms for your keyword and writing in a natural conversational tone. The concept is called good content.

First page size

The first page of your site needs to have around 1890 words. This does not mean that you rabbit on and on about something. You have to fill the first page with content that is useful to your audience.

The 1890 word idea comes from analysis of what Google picks as the top SEO results. The mind of the machine contends that relevancy to the reader earns higher position. The larger number of words allows you to add more concepts and benefits that are relevant to your particular enterprise.

Use competitor’s keywords

You can use your competition against itself. You do this by learning what keywords they are using. You can use a program to find the keywords or you can get them from your competition’s newsletter. The idea is to use the words better so that your SEO ranking is higher than your competition.

SEO services in Palm Beach and social media

You have to be active on social media. This is where you brand yourself.

Free salespeople

A single fan on social media can sell you better than your entire sales force or your ad budget. The advantage is simply a matter of numbers. A very vocal satisfied client can be encouraged to be more vocal by you. The blog on your web site can be and should be an integral part of your social media campaign.


Make a movie. It does not have to be an award winner. It does need to show what sets you apart from your competition. The short film could be a sale or special event. The advantage here is that all of Google’s intelligence cannot decipher what the movie says. The SEO rules do apply to any title or written matter about the film.


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