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Sweepstakes Administration Services

How Sweepstakes Administration Services Benefit You

A sweepstakes is a great way to draw attention to your business or charity. The idea is that an entry in the sweepstakes is the gateway to a purchase or a contribution.

A successful sweepstakes is a very complicated enterprise. Sweepstakes administration services have developed to make running a sweepstakes financially viable, legal, and successful for the business owner. The simplicity of the idea is that the sweepstakes administration services do it all and the business or charity pays a small percentage of the benefits.

Some of the benefits that sweepstakes administration services provide include:

Concept development

You want your sweepstakes to fit your organization and more importantly your clientele. You are looking at a potentially world wide participation. Expert assistance in creating a sweepstakes that encourages a maximum participation is essential. You get paid for the cost because more people see what you are selling and buy because of the sweepstakes.

Social media promotion

You are probably not a social media guru. The objective of a sweepstakes is to use the sweepstakes to draw attention to your business. Since you are not a master of connecting social media to what your business is doing you need the help of those who are. Social media promotion of your sweeps is essential for a successful sweepstakes and more importantly the successful promotion of your business.

Prize procurement and delivery

You need a prize that is great enough to produce a huge participation. You do not want to break your budget doing this. You need to use the services of an organization that can acquire the prize that you want at the lowest possible price.

The company that you go with should provide delivery of any kind of prize to the sweepstakes winner once a verified winner has bee determined. This is a part of you not having to do any of the sweepstakes work.

Legal issues

You want a company that can manage all the legal issues of running a sweepstakes on the internet. These include registration in your state and multiple states. Tax filings with your state and the IRS must be included. Surety bonds must be provided to prevent you from incurring any loss.

The sweepstakes administration services company takes on all the legal challenges of a sweepstakes. This includes disclosure of all rules and the management of all legal risks.

Winner selection and validation

The company that does the sweepstakes management for you will verify that a winner meets all legal requirements for your sweepstakes. The company manages the processing of affidavits that frees all parties from any possibility of litigation. A very valuable prize can make a few people greedy so protection is necessary.


You get information about the sweepstakes from the company that ran the sweepstakes for you. The information includes demographics and location. The information that you get can help your company target your marketing strategy. You spend your marketing dollar more effectively.

The increase in sales that you get from the data can more than pay for the cost of the sweepstakes and the management by a company that has the expertise to run the sweepstakes successfully for you.


Sweepstakes Administration Services