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To get the most out of the advertising investment, your business needs to become visible on a variety of platforms. YouTube TV provides an ideal marketing opportunity for your business to reach more customers. We, at Launch Media, can help you deliver the perfect YouTube TV ads for your business.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is YouTube’s own live television streaming service that already circulates the country. It is a substitute for traditional cable television and was initially only available in Chicago, New York, LA, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. With a monthly fee of $40, users can view material from popular networks like ABC, BBC, FOX, and CNN, as well as local news channels.

You can use this service on many devices such as tablets, smartphones, or PC. Users can watch programs form these networks on live TV or record them on a cloud-based DVR with endless storage capacity. Unlike cable television, users can cancel their subscriptions without hassle at any time.

YouTube stated that their goal now is to extend their streaming service to cover 195 different markets, which translates to 98% of the US. As a business, this only provides golden advertising space for you to seize by creating YouTube TV ads to reach your target demographic.

Why YouTube TV could take over cable television

With its recent launch nationwide, there are several key benefits YouTube TV has over cable television for customers. For businesses, this means they can get ahead on the advertising game. Reportedly, an impressive 800,000 people had signed up to YouTube TV as of July 2018, with this number predicted to grow exponentially with nationwide launching.

Secondly, as mentioned before, users can use the service on most personal devices like smartphones. Perhaps the most significant advantage of YouTube TV over other traditional TV streaming platforms is its predictive algorithm. This allows the platform to recommend similar content to users based on their past viewing history.

With YouTube TV, users also get six shared accounts which can be used by family members or their friends. With all these perks, YouTube TV will very likely overtake traditional cable TV channels in consumption. Benefits for the customers translates to benefits for you, as a business looking to advertise content.

How does advertising work on YouTube TV?

With live television, there will always be ads, and this won’t change with YouTube TV. YouTube assured that with live TV or on-demand options, users can’t skip any ads anymore. Since this platform belongs to Google, this gives businesses access to effective targeted advertising, which you don’t get with TV.

Smart advertising utilizes customer viewing data to place your ads more efficiently so that you can reach the ideal demographic at the right time. As YouTube TV is likely to be more popular with younger audiences, you can pick up more customer bases than traditional TV.

At Launch Media, we can help you create great YouTube TV ads for your business. YouTube provides targeted advertising, helping you make the most of your advertising budget by reaching your target audience at the correct time.

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